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Only In Africa 2 – The show that was worth the wait!!

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Christmas came pretty early on the 23rd of December at CCB Auditorium, KNUST, and trust me – it was worth the wait!

Christmas came pretty early on the 23rd of December at CCB Auditorium, KNUST.

The anticipated Liezer-Legacy Productions show “ONLY IN AFRICA 2” (don’t worry if you didn’t see part 1. It’s not necessarily a direct sequel) was an amazing and exciting stage play with a resounding messaging running through all the hilarious scenes depicting memorable moments in mainstream Ghanaian news in 2018. It was written by Big Alex, directed by Louis Lamis and produced by Daniel Nii Odoi Tutuani (DOT).

The two shows recorded very remarkable attendance and fans of Liezer-Legacy Productions swarmed the theatre with high expectations from a production responsible for a ground-breaking satirical court comedy series such as Kejetia Vs Makola which runs on Joy Prime.

The exciting atmosphere reverberating with endless laughter can be attributed most importantly to the story – a beautifully crafted piece of work with something as strong as gags and spoofs.

Mr. Akwasi Nyantakyi (played by Kwadwo Boakye Boadu, PhD)

Mr. Akwasi Nyantakyi (played by Kwadwo Boakye Boadu, PhD)

The plot follows a Ghanaian family headed by the selfish and greedy Mr. Akwasi Nyantakyi (played by Kwadwo Boakye Boadu, PhD) victimized by a collapsing economy and a corrupt system and desperate to survive nonetheless, supported by his androgynous wife, Agnes “Aggie Commando” Nyantakyi (played by Nana Gyasi Owusu aka NGO), whose work as a seamstress holds no customer satisfaction in high esteem, and their two children Kuame Eugene (yes! The Rooooock Star, played by Samuel Kwabena Koranteng Mensah) whose moral compass and determination to pursue his dreams constantly comes out wrongly as defiance of his parents’ wishes, and his innocent younger sister Judith Nyantakyi (played by Nana Abena Assem Mensah). When Mr. Nyantakyi gets wind of his bank’s decision to lay off 100 workers, his survival instincts force him to take the corrupt route of inviting his boss home to bribe him, a plot that fails miserably because he gets fired eventually for the misdeed.

Agnes "Aggie Commando" Nyantakyi (played by Nana Gyasi Owusu aka NGO)

Agnes “Aggie Commando” Nyantakyi (played by Nana Gyasi Owusu aka NGO)

Scene after scene, opportunities to stand for what is right and true slip through Mr. Nyantakyi’s hands despite dissuasion from Aggie and Kuame Eugene, one of which includes a glamorous downplay of Judith’s alleged pregnancy as a ploy to earn $1000 a week as compensation and child welfare from the body sculpt specialist Dr. Obengfo (and his wife in the play bears the name Moesha), father of Judith’s boyfriend responsible for the pregnancy. Kuame outwits his father by forcing Aggie to go with Judith for an antenatal routine test at the hospital. It turns out Judith is not pregnant, and Mr. Nyantakyi gets really upset seeing such a fortune slip through his grasps.

Facing a debt that is overdue, Mr. Nyantakyi is forced to resort to spiritual intervention from Prophet Obofuor Angel whose anointing “water” works with a “God is good” chant to wipe the memory of his debtors, but turns out to be a silly joke that cost him GHS1500.

The concluding scene, one of the best climaxes the production has ever been known for so far, left a resounding message of change, accountability and hope in a suddenly silenced theatre, when Kuame Eugene slams his father for jeopardizing the future of his children by depriving them of freedom to choose their destiny, the gift of good parenting and love and rather chasing fortune and hustling to contribute to the societal decadence. His words, in response to his father’s loss of hope that an individual’s change is negligible to the crisis in the Ghanaian society and Africa as a whole, is as follows: “No matter how small the light is, it still beats the darkness. Even if it is just one light, it can still shine and illuminate the path of many in the dark.”

The laughter was endless

The resolution of Mr. Nyantakyi’s character climaxed with an unexpected emotional call to the audience and cast to rise and sing the National Anthem “Yen ara y’asaase ni” composed by Ephraim Amu, to reaffirm the pledge to uphold the good heritage of Ghana, to change for the greater good, and to preserve the name and honour of Ghana as the black star of Africa.

Beyond the humour, “Only In Africa 2” is capable of sparking a national dialogue that is powerful enough to draw the hearts and minds of Ghanaians to cherish what we have, make a personal effort to change and spread the wind of change one person at a time. The story captured crooked systems and institutions in the country, poor attitude towards work, loyalty, patriotism, education, parenting and good character in ways believed to be blatantly depicted enough to render maximum impact.

Interviews with audience after the show recorded generally positive reviews affirming the good reputable brand of the film and theatre production for remarkable improvement in content over the years.

What a magnificent way to conclude the year 2018!

Liezer-Legacy Productions definitely has tonnes of great surprises coming to Ghana and eventually the rest of the world in the year 2019, and there’s a great package for all loyal fans to build a lasting loving family worldwide at heart.

Until then, a wonderful Merry Christmas to all fans. Keep shining. Believe in Ghana. Believe in Africa!

Story : Emmanuel Yaw Sekyere