What Don’t You Know – Ghana’s Number 1 Game Show

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Have you ever been tried by a quiz master in a game show that was determined to do nothing but remind you that you don’t know what you think you know that you don’t know that you don’t know that you don’t know? Don’t be confused. That’s what the show is about, and it’s in its name too.

What Don’t You Know???

From the nostalgia it brings to the folks from the 90s (if you’re not a millennial, sorry about that), all the way to the rib-cracking humour from the crafty quiz master and his dazed contestants, Ghana has met the real experience of the new year in “What Don’t You Know?”, a game show from Liezer-Legacy Productions, producers of the popular satirical TV court drama “Kejetia Vs Makola”.
Ever since the game show’s debut trailer on YouTube on November 2019, fans of the court show had their expectations raised for this new experience – and guess what? Liezer-Legacy Productions did not disappoint.
“What Don’t You Know?” stars actor Nana Gyasi Owusu as Host as he takes the show to unconventional and controversial lengths to confuse, unsettle and ridicule his contestants. Mind you – any contestant who has the nerve to stand up to him does so at their own “peril”.

Trending on Youtube

As at January 24, 2020, the show is trending on #1 position in Ghana on YouTube, and Facebook posts and WhatsApp statuses around the country are flashing clips from the game show’s episodes everywhere.

The good news is that Liezer-Legacy Productions has more to offer Ghanaians and the rest of the world this year with exciting shows to inspire, entertain and educate its fans.
Witness more humour, nostalgic moments, play on trending pop cultural references and heated game show drama by simply subscribing to the YouTube channel Official Liezer-Legacy Productions. Also, watch out for brand new episodes on TV. Yes – on TV!
Until then, it’s what, what, what, what?
WHAT DON’T YOU KNOW?!!!!!!!!!!
By Emmanuel Yaw Sekyere



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