Kejetia Vs Makola Stage Play to hit Kumasi this Christmas!!

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Kejetia Vs Makola Stage Play to hit Kumasi this Christmas!!

This Christmas is going to be a memorable one for folks in Kumasi as they will have the chance to experience the award winning TV series, Kejetia Vs Makola in a play, LIVE on stage.

The play is scheduled to happen on the 23rd and 24th December 2017, at the CCB Auditorium in KNUST, and the organisers of the show have confirmed that people have already started buying and booking tickets in advance.

There will be 2 shows on the 23rd December, which happens to be a Saturday, and the first show will start at 5pm, which will be followed by the second show at exactly 8pm. However, on the 24th December which is a Sunday, there will be just 1 show, and it is scheduled to start exactly at 7pm. All tickets to the show have been mapped to specific seat numbers to ensure comfort and ease of access at the auditorium.

Fans can win free tickets in an ongoing contest on all social media platforms by answering  some questions correctly. Call 020 129 2000 for ticket reservations and other information.

You can be sure this is going to be a great show, filled with satire, humor and life lessons. Follow Liezer-Legacy Productions and Kejetia Vs Makola on social media, and get more updates.